Tell Your Story

I'm sitting at the Nashville airport thinking about the experience I just had the last few days at STORY conference.It was a gathering of amazing people with talents from all walks of life.An 11 year old little girl made me feel like a failure as a Dad because of her insane talent to dance like Michael Jackson.

The band "All Sons and Daughters" moved me to no end with their beautiful voices and melodies.A celebrity photographer named Jeremy Cowart shared a story of how he connected with a woman who was enslaved in sex trafficking from age 7 to 37. Jeremy has a new project he's dreaming up called "The Purpose Hotel" and the enslaved woman said his dream saved her life and gave her a purpose to live. WOW!

Casey Neistat gave everybody a chance to dream and believe that they could accomplish anything by sharing how he became a YouTube star with over 5 million subscribers.A 13 year old girl came out and played classical piano like Beethoven. She was the second young person to make me feel like a failure as a Dad.The idea of story is powerful.

The idea that we all have our own story and can help and impact the world by sharing it is an incredible gift.The people I interacted with these past few days dared to dream and bravely stepped out to share and inspire others with their story. We can all do that.Today, consider sharing your story. Consider sharing the story that you might be ashamed to share.People are broken and need inspiration. People need hope.You just might be able to provide that to them.

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